At Green Coast Real Estate, we pride ourselves in ensuring our properties – and that of our clients – are properly maintained and cared for. This includes both scheduled and preventive maintenance as cost-effective practices to help preserve the value of the property while efficiently generating profit.


We offer full professional services to properly maintain all types of commercial properties.


Our team is well trained in providing maintenance services for all types of residential properties, ranging from established apartment buildings to technologically advanced villa compounds and everything in between.


With many years of valuable industrial experience, we are well versed in the necessary maintenance of industrial facilities. These properties include factories, warehouses, construction sites and open land tracts.


To benefit and to ultimately garner profit from your investments, it is imperative to maintain regulated systems of property upkeep. By partnering with the professionals at Green Coast Real Estate, we help to ensure your property adheres to the recommended maintenance schedules that will provide steady revenue streams for years to come.